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Contact us

Whatever challenges your child is facing at school, there is someone you can contact to get the help you and your child need.

Talk to your child's school

If you feel your child is struggling at school with their learning or wellbeing, please contact your child’s school to seek their help. Today’s schools want to work with parents, as partners, to see every child succeed and will welcome hearing from you if you have any concerns.

If your child goes to an independent school, please contact your child’s school to talk about any support your child needs. Visit Independent Schools Queensland to find your local independent school and read more about who to talk to at your child’s independent school.

If your child goes to a Catholic school, please contact your child’s school to talk about any support your child needs. Visit the Queensland Catholic Education System’s website to find your local Catholic school and read more about who to talk to at your child’s Catholic school.

Talk to your local regional office

If you have worked closely with your child’s school but have been unable to resolve problems relating to your child’s education, there is help. Please contact your local Department of Education regional office to seek support. They’ll put you in touch with the right person to help you get the support your child needs.

Talk to your local RYES if your child refuses to go to school

If you and your child’s school have tried everything and your child still refuses to go to school, it might be time to call a Regional Youth Engagement Service (RYES). They can put you in touch with guidance counsellors and other professionals who can support you and your child. This fact sheet provides contact details for each local RYES.

Making a complaint

The best way to raise your concerns is directly with the school. There are many things your child’s school may be able to offer, including in-school support and flexible options. Find out how to raise your concerns and take things further if the school is unable to resolve your concerns.

Finding your local schools

You can use this Schools Directory to find a school in your local area.

Other Department of Education contacts

If you have other queries that relate to the state’s education system or to the functions of the Department of Education in Queensland, please visit this page for more contact details.

Support services for parents and carers

Here’s a list of support services to assist you if you with everything from mental health and wellbeing support to helping your child with their learning and career planning.

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment

Please visit this page to find details of services available to assist you in contacting us.

Last Updated: 24 January 2023