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Promoting child development and learning

Find out how you can help your child pursue their interests and education by sparking their learning

Mother watches son as he plays piano

Chances are, the thing your child is interested in is incredibly meaningful to them. That’s great. That means they will dedicate time, energy and commitment to it. Learning how to do this and also deal with set-backs is an important lesson in life, and one they are already learning through their interest.

You know you’ve found their spark when it’s the thing they try and do – or talk about – all the time, they want to know more, learn more and find out how to do it better and find others who share that interest too.

It might even annoy or frustrate you, the amount of time they put into it! You’re not alone there, but remember the steps they naturally take to land that jump, get to the next level or perfect that technique- are the same steps they can apply to anything in life, to succeed.

When they are doing that thing that interests them;

  • It takes time, but even if they try and fail, they are still learning.
  • Going back to try again with a different approach shows perseverance.
  • By spending time talking about it and learning more they’re developing expert skills and knowledge in the area.
  • They are researching by seeking out information and building communication skills by sharing it with friends.

These are life skills you need to succeed in many situations and your child is developing these skills through doing what they love. By being interested and motivated by something; by having a hobby that takes time and energy, they are learning how to learn, building a sense of self and knowing what it is to succeed in an area of their life. Your child’s spark is helping them to develop a range of skills they can use in all areas of their life, and it’s also giving them purpose, enjoyment, a sense of identity and can help them get the most out of their education.

Last Updated: 22 December 2022