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Can my child go to our local state school?

How to find your school catchment area

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Yes, your child can enrol at your local state school. Find out what you need to know about your child’s eligibility to attend a state school.

There are only two reasons a state school can refuse to enrol your child:

  1. You do not live in the school’s catchment area.
  2. Your child poses an unacceptable risk to the safety or wellbeing of the school community.

How do I find out which school catchment I live in?

You can ring your Department of Education Regional office to find out which catchment you live in and schools where you can enrol your child. You can also visit the Queensland Government catchments maps page to view catchment maps and find your catchment area.

What if we live outside the catchment area of the state school I want my child to attend?

You can still apply for enrolment at a state school outside of your catchment area, but enrolment is not guaranteed and you will be placed on a waiting list.

What happens if my child has been charged or convicted of a serious offence?

The principal of your local state school may refuse to enrol your child, but they must follow some steps in order to do this. The decision to refuse to enrol a child must be made with care and supported by the Director-General of Queensland Department of Education. You should receive the decision to refuse your child’s enrolment in writing. If you or your child are verbally refused enrolment, you should request formal written notification.

What can I do if my child is refused entry to a state school?

If you receive written notification that your child cannot attend a state school there are other options. These might include special assistance schools, TAFE, or distance education. You can contact your nearest Regional Youth Engagement Service for help in finding a good educational option for your child.

How do I seek legal advice if my child is refused entry to a state school?

If you have concerns about your child legal rights, contact the Youth Advocacy Centre. They can provide free advice on your child’s legal rights. Phone 3356 1102.

Every Child is welcome: inclusion policy

The Department of Education, the government body responsible for Queensland’s state school system, has an ‘Inclusive education policy’ which outlines its commitment to every child.

Last Updated: 22 June 2022