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How to contact your child’s school

Some tips to start the conversation.

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No one knows your child like you do. Getting in contact with your child’s school can help the staff and teachers understand your child better, and make the school environment more enjoyable for them.

Whatever problem your child is facing at school, their school won’t judge you. Schools want to understand your child and help them to succeed.

It’s OK to contact your child’s school

  • Remember, it’s OK to talk to the school. Getting in touch can help the school understand how to better respond to your child’s needs and being in regular contact with the school and your child’s teachers helps your child see that you value the school and helps them build a sense of belonging.
  • To make a time to talk, you can call or email the school (check the Queensland State Schools directory for contact details) or head into the school and talk to the staff at the admin building.
  • If you have an urgent issue, let the person booking the meeting know so they can help you as fast as possible.

Getting the best outcome

  • Stay calm. Talking about your child’s happiness and success can be difficult but there are ways the school can help. Let them know your worries or concerns and ask what solutions might be offered by the school.
  • It’s OK to bring a support person.
  • Each school is different and will have different levels of support they can offer. To know what options you can ask for before talking to the school, contact your regional office.
  • It can help to take a list of the different options that you think might be suitable and discuss these with your school. You might be surprised by the options they have and what these can look like for your child. (Have a look at the check list below if you’re having trouble getting started.)
  • If you feel that you need extra support to talk to the school, your regional office team might be able to dial-in or attend with you.

Checklist to talk with the school

Entering the school grounds

As a parent, as long as you don’t pose a safety threat, you are encouraged to enter the school grounds. For the safety for all students and staff at the school, anyone visiting a state school (other than teachers and students) must register at the school administration building.

Working together

Sometimes young people will not feel that they can talk to the teachers about their problems but by reaching out, you can help the school know how to help support your child better.

When to talk to your local regional office

If you’ve worked closely with your child’s school and things still aren’t working out, please contact your local Department of Education regional office to seek help.

Last Updated: 22 June 2022