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When to talk to your local regional office

No matter what your child is experiencing at school, there is someone who can help.

Woman and teenage girl sit in car. Teenage girl annoyed.

No matter what your child is experiencing at school, there is someone who can help.

If you feel your child is struggling at school with their learning or wellbeing, your child’s school is always the best place to start. Today’s schools want to work with parents, as partners, to see every child succeed and will welcome hearing from you if you have any concerns.

When to contact your local regional office

If you have worked closely with your child’s school but have been unable to resolve problems relating to your child’s education, then it is time to contact your local regional office to seek support.

Regional offices around Queensland

Queensland is divided into seven education regions, each with at least one office and some with up to five local offices in each region. So there will be an office in your area able to assist you and put you in touch with the right person to deal with your enquiry.

A skilled team to help you

Each regional office has a team of experts who understand how the education system works, have strong connections with local schools, and who know how to get support for young people who are struggling at school.

How to contact your local regional office

You can find your local regional office and its contact details easily online.

And if your child refuses to go to school?

If you and your child’s school have tried everything and your child still refuses to go to school, it might be time to call a Regional Youth Engagement Service. They work with disengaged young people using individualised support and plans to reconnect them with an education, training or employment pathway. This fact sheet provides contact details for each local RYES.

Last Updated: 24 January 2023