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How to talk to the school as a parent

When you talk to your child’s school, you can work together to get your teen the help they need.

School animation of different roles

No one knows your child better than you do. Reach out and talk to your child’s school, it will help the school understand your child better so they can give them the help they need. Watch this video for tips on how to talk to the school and to find out about the different people available at school to support your child.

Learn how you can help your child succeed and read more about who you can talk to at your child’s school.


Narrator: It’s often best to start with teachers, but there are many other people that can help you at school. If you’re not sure who to talk to, simply get in touch with school office and they will connect you with the best person to help. Remember, it’s ok to talk to the school. They need you to reach out, then you can work together to help make school and learning work for your child.

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Last Updated: 08 December 2022