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12 ways you can support your child’s return to secondary school

Tips to support your child's return to secondary school.

Child studying at home

1. Stay connected

Let your child talk about how they are feeling. Guide the conversation to what they will enjoy about being back at school.

2. Talk about their friends

Remind your child that returning to school means reconnecting with their mates. A quick call or text to close friends ahead of time might help them reconnect or they could arrange to walk through the school gates together on the first day.

3. Speak to their teachers

You don’t have to do this alone. The teachers at your child’s school can help make the transition as smooth as possible.

4. Identify learning gaps

If you know your child struggles with a particular subject, let their teacher/s know so they can work with them on it.

5. Organise stuff

Help your child organise their school books and equipment so they have what they need for their first day back.

6. Be positive

Focus on what your child enjoys about being at school such as having lunch with their friends or the fun of learning in a group.

7. Re-establish a routine

Let your child come up with a plan for their morning routine and encourage them to write it down so you can talk about it together.

8. Encourage sleep and exercise

Make sure your child gets enough sleep and exercise to help them feel calm and relaxed about their return to school.

9. Be reassuring

Remind them that they are not the only one returning to school and that their friends will be there to share the experience with them.

10. Mark the transition

Do something fun together, have a family movie night or bake some treats for your child to take for lunch on their first day back.

11. Make a deal

Talk about how every day at school counts and encourage your child to return to school. Also agree what you will do to support them and recognise their effort.

12. Ask for help

Your child’s school can answer any questions you have so give them a call and have a chat.

Last Updated: 22 December 2022