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How to be positive about school at home

Be positive about your child’s school at home

Mother and son high five while making food

A parent is a child’s first educator and as such, you can have an enormous impact on your child’s attitude to learning and to school. How you behave at home in your interactions with your child’s school can make a big difference to your child’s experience of their education.

Talk positively about school

Try and talk positively about your child’s school and schooling in general. While it’s natural that there may be some aspects of schooling that you don’t agree with, it’s important to promote the value of education and how going to school can put a person on the right track for succeeding in life.

Be supportive of your child’s teachers

Being supportive of your child’s teachers is one of the best things you can do to support your child’s experience at school. Think of your child’s teacher as your partner and work with them to support your child. Share insights about your child to help your teacher understand them better. Also talk to your child about what a great job their teacher is doing and the importance of teaching in helping to shape the lives of children.

Promote the value of learning

Children watch and copy what parents do and say. Be aware of how you talk about learning and school. Promote the many benefits of an education and the joy that can be gained from learning. Ask your child about what they are learning at school and help them explore what is interesting to them.

Share your own experiences

Talk to your child about how important learning has been in your life. Tell them about your successes and also your mistakes and how you have used difficult experiences to do better next time. Let them know how much you use learning in your daily life and how staying curious and continuing to learn makes life much more interesting.

When to talk to your local regional office

If you’ve worked closely with your child’s school and things still aren’t working out, please contact your local Department of Education regional office to seek help.

Last Updated: 22 December 2022