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Learning for the modern workforce

My child's education

school staff discusses options with young person

You’ve most likely heard it said that many of the jobs our next generation of school leavers don’t even exist yet.

It’s true. The job scene is changing drastically and with increased automation and an ever-more-global society, the way we think about skills for work also needs to change. Recent events with COVID-19 show just how quickly things can shift. With the pace of change in our world, it’s normal to feel confused and wonder if you’re on the right track. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed: education and learning are never wasted.

Being engaged in education provides a range of life skills, important experiences and opportunities to equip our next generations with the knowledge and skills they need to take on the future world of work.

It will look different for everyone

There are many pathways to gain further knowledge, experience and skills and each young person’s learning pathway will look different. Sometimes they will be learning without even realising it.

By being engaged each day with school, young people can build a sense of who they are and what matters to them, and develop social ties and support networks that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Through learning the Australian Curriculum, they are given the same jumping off point as other young people across the country, with the knowledge and skills they need to take on further learning through employment, training or higher education pathways.

There are always ups and downs and not every subject, class or learning experience will resonate the same with each young person, but by learning, persevering and remaining engaged they are gaining more than they realise while building the skills and knowledge they need to help them take on this modern world.

Help your child stay motivated at school

Here are four ways you can help your child stay motivated at school and get the support they need to make the most of their education and prepare themselves for the modern workforce.

Last Updated: 17 October 2023