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Looking after yourself

You don’t need to have all the answers, all the time.

supportive mother helping child find their spark - Image rights held by Queensland Department of Education, not for redistribution.

Many parents feel worried about their child and the way they parent them at times.

Getting in touch with the school to talk about your child and any concerns you have can help in many ways. Schools won’t judge you; they want to work with you to understand your child and help them to succeed

Reach out to friends and family

Being a parent can be tough, but having the support of your friends and family can make a huge difference. It might be someone you can talk to without the fear of being judged or someone who has had similar experiences. You might be surprised to find others have experienced similar challenges.

Talk to your child’s school

Get in touch with your child’s school and talk about your concerns for your child. By working with your child’s school, you have the greatest chance of supporting your child to stay at school and succeed. Our schools want to see every child achieve success and have expert staff ready to offer the support you and your child need.


Last Updated: 19 June 2020