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How your child’s spark can make them stronger

List of ways your child’s spark can make them stronger

Teenage boy throws football into crate

Encouraging your child’s spark is worth doing for many reasons. Their spark can give their life meaning and a goal to strive for. It can also build their confidence, help them to learn and give them skills and strength to help them succeed in life.

Spark for living

Sparks give young people purpose. Spending time doing something enjoyable is worth it no matter where it takes your child. It’s not about your child jumping the highest, running the fastest, or winning the most prizes; it’s about them finding something that gives them joy – something they are really into – and encouraging them to feel that spark. Everything they do in pursuit of their spark gives them new skills and self-knowledge that will help them in other parts of their lives whether it is increased self-confidence, greater motivation, or a sense of self-worth. That’s why it really is worth exploring the many ways you can help your child discover their spark and nurture it.

Spark for perseverance

Learning a new skill or understanding something new does not happen overnight. So when your child sticks at their spark despite its difficulties, they learn that hard work and commitment are what it takes to achieve a goal. Sticking at their spark also teaches them that an obstacle does not need to derail their plan; it’s really just part of a process they can learn from to help them achieve their goal and grow stronger.

Spark for learning

Your child’s spark is helping them learn too. When your child follows their spark, they are learning through something that is relevant and meaningful to them. Finding a little joy, a little success or a little hope in one area of their lives can start a flame that can ignite their self-esteem, and encourage a love of learning.

Spark for meaning

If your child has fun and finds joy in something they do, this will help them feel more engaged in other parts of their life. Time spent thinking about, learning and pursuing their passion helps them focus on what it means to set goals and achieve them. Importantly, it can also bring meaning to their lives which is what matters most.

Spark is just the start

Remember that finding and nurturing your child’s spark is just the start. You are in this for the ‘long game’, and it will take a lot of support from you before your child really starts to flourish. But it will be worth it. If you can stick at it, and help them nurture the energy they invest in their spark to grow their learning potential, they will be much better equipped to fulfill their potential and succeed in life.

Last Updated: 21 June 2022